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Josina Kamerling

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Josina Kamerling is head of regulatory outreach for CFA Institute for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region and is based in the Brussels office. She is responsible for supporting CFA Institute's EMEA policy development, advancing the impact of advocacy efforts, and promoting capital market integrity and investor protection issues.

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Competition Invites Innovative Ideas for Improving Ethics and Trust in Finance

Restoring trust in financial services and markets is an immense task that requires many actors to play an active, ongoing role, particularly young people.

Why Funding SMEs Within the EU Capital Markets Union Action Plan Is Challenging

Is shadow banking a way to get SMEs the funding they need? The EU’s policy environment, the conundrum European banks are caught in — these are issues Josina Kamerling discusses in a recent interview.

European Financial Reform Post-Crisis: Weighing the Costs

The banking union aims to facilitate a more integrated banking sector within the EU and to mitigate the potential for systemic risks from banks acting across borders yet supervised (until now) at a national level.

Political Agreement on PRIIPS: Does It Close Gaps in Investor Protection?

Now, focus turns to the development of the mandatory Key Information Document (KID) to aid investor transparency

Brussels Update: Breaking down EU Benchmark Regulation

In the aftermath of intense scrutiny of benchmarks prompted by the LIBOR-rigging scandal, European Union policymakers are poised to impose significant fines and to act on a range of regulatory proposals.

Investment Industry Role in Long-Term Financing of Europe’s Economy: John Kay, Others Weigh in

John Kay, chair of the review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision-Making, and BlackRock’s Fons Lute debate whether the investment industry operates to serve the need of long-term investment for the ultimate benefit of society.