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31 October 2014

Crypto-Currencies: Fad or Future of Commerce (Video)?

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Crypto-currencies — specifically their uses, issues, challenges, and the emerging policy surrounding them — are discussed by Sviatoslav Rosov, PhD, an analyst in the capital markets policy group of CFA Institute. If security measures are so robust, how have there been breaches? Will crypto-currencies become mainstream? What do banks and regulators think? Watch and find out.

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For more, view our policy brief on crypto-currencies and read about Svi’s experience buying and selling Bitcoin.

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About the Author(s)
Rebecca Arrington

Rebecca Arrington is a communications specialist at CFA Institute.

4 thoughts on “Crypto-Currencies: Fad or Future of Commerce (Video)?”

  1. Robert Miller says:

    The last thing the world economy needs is more currencies – crypto or otherwise. There are already sufficient means of transacting long-distance. The Bitcoin is an idea whose time will never come. It should not be considered legal tender, period.

  2. Rebecca Arrington says:

    Thank you for your comments.

  3. michael akpabli says:

    Bitcoins and other cryotocurrencies will fade out since all other currencies are already bei g used in e-commerce. When the world becomes cashless all other currencies which are physical now would be migrated to electronic usad and bitcoin and others would washed out.

    1. Rebecca Arrington says:

      Thanks for your comments.

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