Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Virtual Currencies

Will Blockchain Change Wall Street? The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Svi Rosov, CFA: “People awaiting the demise of the modern financial system may be disappointed.”

Disrupting the Disruption: Will Bitcoin be Hijacked by Wall Street?

Is the blockchain to the financial industry what Uber is to the taxi industry, Tesla to the car industry, or Apple to the watch industry? Is it disruptive or sustaining?

Rosov Talks HFT, Blockchains, Future of Financial Markets with “Exponential” Magazine

The financial sector is facing potentially two major problems in the next five years as policy analyst Svi Rosov sees it. First, expect increasingly weird behavior, like flash crashes, and second …

Another Bitcoin Adventure: Cashing out of a Crypto-Currency

Outlook for crypto-currencies: Potential regulatory and reputational risks prompt banks to keep a safe distance.

Crypto-Currencies: Fad or Future of Commerce (Video)?

Will crypto-currencies become mainstream? If security measures are so robust, how have there been breeches? What do banks and regulators think? Watch and find out.

A Bitcoin Adventure: How to Buy and Sell Crypto-Currencies

User experience needs to improve, but the moving parts of the Bitcoin future are all in place. What’s left to determine is if enough people will use them.

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