Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Credit Rating Agencies

Evidence Shows Investors Should Benefit from Lease Obligations Capitalization

Findings in a recently published academic research paper align with our member survey results, and support IASB and FASB proposals to update their lease accounting standards.

Credit Rating Agencies Again Playing a Vital Role in the Marketplace?

Investor survey: 84% more cautious today about credit ratings than seven years ago.

DC Policy Update: Mortgage Market Reform, OTC Derivatives, and Credit Rating Agencies (Podcast)

This podcast covers the Johnson-Crapo mortgage finance reform bill, OTC derivatives, systemic risk associated with central clearinghouses, and an overview credit rating agencies.

Fearless Fiduciary: 16 Shades of LIBOR

The drama now playing out in the LIBOR-fixing scandal appears to catching stride. I ran across an excellent New York Times DealBook post recapping the state of play and what large banks, I think sixteen in total, are likely to encounter in the weeks and months ahead as the grip of regulatory reckoning fully takes hold.

The Schapiro Legacy: Outgoing SEC Chair Leaves Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities

Looked at through the lens of action cinema, there is almost enough intrigue and drama in the last four years of SEC oversight to launch a new movie series. Never before in our history has this agency, so critical to markets and investor protection, been as tested to its limits as it has since 2008.

Credit Rating Agencies and Their Credibility Problem

When the dust cleared after the worldwide financial crisis, credit rating agencies (CRAs) emerged in some quarters as Public Enemy No. 1 for masking the risk of mortgage-related securities leading up to meltdown. Although we’re concerned that selective… READ MORE ›

NRSROs Still Under Scrutiny

Conflicts relating to the work of credit rating agencies, also known as Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSROs), are not new. And debate about their ability to handle conflicts of interest is not about to go away, thanks to… READ MORE ›

U.S. Credit-Rating Downgrade — Do Investors Really Care?

The news from Standard & Poor’s on Friday evening reverberated during the weekend in financial and political circles throughout the world. Having decided that insufficient progress had been made in righting the substance and process of U.S. fiscal health,… READ MORE ›

A Matter of Opinion?

Newsof Standard & Poor’s negative outlook on the U.S. government’s long-term debt met with the unsurprising response from Washington that the S&P analysis was flawed.


As we’ve pointed out before,… READ MORE ›

Of Credit Rating Agencies and Charlie Sheen

We have written previously on the sorry state of play regarding the role and practices of credit rating agencies (CRAs). Indeed, few players in the financial crisis caused more rancour than CRAs for their enabling… READ MORE ›

Investor Liberation

One of the least-controversial parts of Dodd-Frank was its call for a new Office of Credit Ratings at the SEC. Among other things, this new office would implement D-F’s provisions for oversight of credit rating… READ MORE ›

Credit Rating Agencies: Call the Amnesia Hotline

Is it just me, or have credit rating agencies (CRAs) lapsed right back into their old habits? Once upon a time — 4,000 Dow points ago — we at CFA… READ MORE ›

Tough Medicine to Swallow?

The European Commission released a new consultation today on credit ratings agencies, continuing the post-crisis reform trajectory that began with the “CRA Regulation” (Regulation EC 1060/2009) which comes into full effect next month…. READ MORE ›

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