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European Commission

The Beginning of the EU Sustainability Wave

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters remain at the top of the EU agenda. In the coming months, EU institutions are expected to work on several legislative files related to sustainable finance. Regulators are currently discussing the… READ MORE ›

European Commission Expert Group Report on Corporate Bond Market Liquidity

Although recent European Commission report on corporate bonds is welcome, CFA Institute believes it missed an opportunity to emphasize other recommendations for improving demand for corporate bonds.

Why Funding SMEs Within the EU Capital Markets Union Action Plan Is Challenging

Is shadow banking a way to get SMEs the funding they need? The EU’s policy environment, the conundrum European banks are caught in — these are issues Josina Kamerling discusses in a recent interview.

Striking Right Balance of Disclosure: European Prospectus Regime Revision Continues

The new regulation, once agreed on, will aim at harmonizing the rules across Europe and will be directly applicable in all 28 EU Member States.

European Commission Shifts Capital Markets Union Focus to Retail Investors

Challenges to cross-border financial services can be overcome with the developments in digitalisation and in the fintech sector. In particular, we believe the financial services industry will increasingly use so-called “robo-advisers.”

Capital Markets Union Update: Creating Regulatory Framework for EU Financial Sector

Whether the changes will be cosmetic or profoundly far-reaching will depend on the ambitiousness of the policy-makers in the European Commission, Parliament, and the Council (representing EU Member States).

Europe’s Capital Market Union: Task Force Report Sets out Long-Term Vision

Report reveals 36 barriers to the development of a truly pan-European CMU; findings complement CFA Institute member survey results.

What New Cybersecurity Rules in Europe Mean for Financial Bodies

Cybersecurity is now a concern for everyone working in finance, from investment managers to regulators, not just CIOs. In the EU, cybersecurity is gaining more and more attention from policymakers.

What Does Revision of the Prospectus Directive Mean for Investors?

The uneven application of the prospectus regime across Member States has posed several challenges not only to issuers, but also to investors and national regulators alike.

EU Financial Services Legislative Outlook: What to Expect in 2016

With 2015 slowly drawing to an end, it is time to have a look at what the New Year will bring in European financial services legislation.

Does the EU Capital Markets Union Action Plan Answer Investors’ Concerns?

EU CMU Action Plan broadly addresses investor concerns, but how will it tackle key challenges?

EU Prospectus Directive Reform to Ease Investor Access to SME Information

CFA Institute supports making information on European SMEs more accessible to cross-border investors.

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