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Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty Takes a Step Back: Industry Reacts to Death of DOL Rule

After the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit vacate the fiduciary standard, the brokerage industry lost no time in rolling back some of its policies specifically adopted in response to that rule.

SEC Proposes New Conduct Rule for Broker/Dealers Offering Advice

As the US Department of Labor prepares to let its fiduciary duty rule die, the SEC recently proposed a new standard of conduct rule for broker/dealers who provide recommendations with respect to securities transactions, including investment strategies. Rejecting… READ MORE ›

DOL Fiduciary Rule: Dead or Do-Over?

Although an appeals court ruling vacated the DOL's fiduciary duty rule, the debate is far from over.

Fiduciary Duty — CFA Institute Issues a Call for Action by SEC

CFA Institute urges three approaches that will clarify that only registered investment advisers can provide personalized investment advice, as well as clarify the role of broker-dealers.

DOL Extends Compliance Dates for Fiduciary Rule (Again!)

The timeline for when all investors can expect their best interest to be honored just got longer with another delay in the applicability of the DOL’s fiduciary rule.

DOL Fiduciary Rule: What the Proposed Delay Means for its Future

CFA Institute responds to the DOL’s request for comment on whether it should delay implementation of its fiduciary rule.

Don’t Junk the DOL Fiduciary Rule

The incoming Trump administration has said it may stop the implementation of the DOL’s fiduciary rule, but the industry needs it to win back the public’s trust.

DOL Fiduciary Rule — What’s Happening Now and Its Possible Future

The future of the DOL rule is somewhat uncertain, but the changes probably won’t happen fast and the rule may actually already be established. Categories: Fiduciary Duty; Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER)

From Trust to Loyalty: Four Ways to Close the “Trust Gap” with Investors

A survey of what investors want revealed a gap between what investors expect from their advisers and what advisers are delivering. Strong communication with clients is key in closing the gap.

CFA Institute Study: Disclosing Fees, Conflicts Vital to Adviser-Client Relationship

Longstanding business practices are under scrutiny, stoked by debates in the US over fiduciary duty and by the availability of low-cost automated financial advice globally. These issues are poised to change the investment industry as we know it.

How Would You Change Finance for the Better?

Align adviser incentives with client needs, and create societal benefits instead of chasing quarterly profit targets or outsize bonuses.

Labor Department’s Pending Fiduciary Proposal Signals Tighter Broker Rules Ahead

Labor Department’s long-delayed proposal is the latest development in a long, winding path to raising investment advice standards.

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