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Beth Kaiser Schwartz, CFA, CIPM

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Beth Kaiser Schwartz, CFA, CIPM, is a director of investment performance standards at CFA Institute. She maintains the GIPS standards through management of the interpretations process, develops standards and guidance for such new technical areas as alternative strategies and risk, and works extensively with volunteer committees.

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How Firms Managing Only Pooled Funds Can Claim GIPS Compliance

The "Guidance Statement on Firms Managing Only Broad Distribution Pooled Funds" addresses how firms that manage only BDPFs can claim compliance with the GIPS standards.

Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Claims GIPS Compliance

Public Investment Fund (PIF), the world’s seventh largest sovereign wealth fund (SWF), has claimed compliance with the CFA Institute Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

The 27th Annual GIPS® Standards Conference: Top Five Topics

The latest regulatory developments and the current state of SEC examinations, among other topics, will be front and center at the GIPS Standards Conference in Chicago.

Mitigating Risk for Asset Owners — Claiming Compliance with the GIPS Standards

What happened at PSERS? And would compliance with standards for calculating and presenting performance have been valuable in this situation?

The GIPS Standards and Alternatives: CalPERS Takes Notice, Others Likely to Follow

As alternative investment strategies become mainstream, complying with the GIPS standards will help alternatives managers stand out from the crowd.

Is the CFTC’s Cross-Border Swaps Proposal Over-Reaching, Inviting Regulatory Arbitrage, or Just Right?

With the end-of-year deadline for OTC derivatives reform fast approaching, many global regulators are struggling to assess the situation and to comply with the G-20 commitments.

Global LEI System: Fingerprint for Firms Managing OTC Derivatives

The G20 has endorsed recommendations for creating a global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system to uniquely identify parties and link them to financial transactions. Beginning with OTC derivatives, it is intended to to enable regulators to monitor and mitigate global systemic risks. However, adoption and enforcement require political agreement from both local jurisdictions and the industry.

GIPS Compliance and Hedge Funds: Yes, It Is Possible and Necessary

Since the financial crisis, investors are more interested than ever in the ethics and integrity of investment management firms. Since their introduction in 1999, the GIPS standards have been recognized as industry best practice for calculating… READ MORE ›

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