Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


Short-Termism Revisited

CFA Institute takes a new look at short-termism in the report Short-Termism Revisited: Improvements Made and Challenges in Investing for the Long-Term. The numbers don’t lie.

The complaint that financial markets are too… READ MORE ›

Are Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance Any Good? Yes, They Are

The finalized Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance provide a good starting place for effective governance in US companies. They offer a major step forward in improving engagement between shareowners and the companies they invest in.

How Would You Change Finance for the Better?

Align adviser incentives with client needs, and create societal benefits instead of chasing quarterly profit targets or outsize bonuses.

Pension Fund Governance and Long-Term Investing: Why Old Habits Die Hard

If short-termism is so short-sighted, why does it still dominate investment management strategies and corporate decision-making?

Are You a Visionary Director? A Checklist for Building Shareholder Value

Best practices for sound corporate stewardship and effective communication with stakeholders to foster stronger, more resilient firms.

Corp Gov Roundup: Short-Termism, Proxy Access, Pension Funds

It’s time to span the corporate governance globe to review important developments from the month of May.

Wanted: Asian Institutional Investors to Curb Short-Termism

If the investor profile of Asia’s equity markets stays the same, it will hinder the development of Asia’s capital markets, and consequently, inhibit economic growth.

Challenging Industry Norms: Schapiro, Krawcheck Examine Perils of Short-Termism (Video)

Ex-SEC Chair Mary Schapiro and veteran Wall Streeter Sallie Krawcheck debate the causes and effects of short-termism, including its influence on investor behavior, corporate management incentives, and societal consequences.

Challenging Industry Norms: Investment Responsibilities of Trustees (Video)

As part of its Challenging Industry Norms series that debates critical issues facing the investment industry, CFA Institute teamed up with State Street to take a closer look at whether misaligned interests are transforming the investment profession.

Investment Industry Role in Long-Term Financing of Europe’s Economy: John Kay, Others Weigh in

John Kay, chair of the review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision-Making, and BlackRock’s Fons Lute debate whether the investment industry operates to serve the need of long-term investment for the ultimate benefit of society.

Challenging Industry Norms: The Shift from Short-Termism to Long-Term Performance (Video)

As part of its Challenging Industry Norms series, CFA Institute teams up with State Street to examine whether misaligned interests are transforming the investment profession.

The Challenges of Incentivising Long-Term Financing in Europe

CFA Institute members weigh in on policies to foster long-term financing to the European economy and investment in long-term assets.

CFA Institute CEO John Rogers: Short-Termism Detrimental to Investor, Issuer Confidence (Video)

John Rogers, CFA, president and CEO of CFA Institute, recently discussed shareholder responsibility in an interview with Bloomberg TV's "The Pulse."

Banker Pay Limits in Europe: Bad Idea or Horrible Idea? The Swiss Take It One Step Further

There is no corporate governance issue that enflames opinion more than executive pay — and, more specifically, banker pay.

Activist Investors: Blessing or Curse?

Recent activism by noted hedge fund investors — think David Einhorn and Apple and Carl Icahn and Dell — raises the question of whether shareowner activists are quick-buck artists who compromise market integrity because they lack patience, or investor advocates with the temerity to shake up companies that have grown complacent.

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