Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


From Likes to Investments: Our Response to the FCA Consultation on Financial Promotions via Social Media

Social media is borderless. Regulation is not. That's why global cooperation among regulators is necessary to deliver the best possible outcomes for consumers.

Eight Months Left to Apply for US$20,000 Prize on Ethics and Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future

Win US$20,000 for essay on Ethics and Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future. Co-sponsored by CFA Institute.

Case Studies In The Changing Use of Structured Data: Revenue Recognition

In my latest paper, Data & Technology: How Information Is Consumed In The New Age, we take a deep dive into how structured data is being consumed and refute the claim by some that structured data is not… READ MORE ›

David Bowie’s Genius Pushed Bounds of Music and Finance

David Bowie a music and fashion icon, also blazed trails in finance.

Ex-lawmaker Bowles: EU Priorities, Lessons Learned from Financial Crisis (Video)

“Jobs and growth” are the European Parliament’s focus now, says Sharon Bowles, nonexecutive director of the London Stock Exchange and former chairwoman of the EP’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, in this edition of Policy Perspectives.

Reaffirming the Value of Independent Research for Trustworthy Capital Markets

Information is the lifeblood of global financial markets and the billions of investment decisions that play a critical role in those markets.

Promoting Ethics in Investment: CFA Institute Updates “Code & Standards”

Effective 1 July, the updated CFA Institute Code & Standards outline new requirements for supervisors and client communications.

From Pope Francis to IMF Chief: “Capital Markets Should Benefit Society”

Updated CFA Institute Code of Ethics addresses larger purpose of capital markets and growing concerns about the role and effects of capitalism.

IORP II Directive: Additional Protection for Occupational Pensions Holders

IORP II contains a comprehensive framework for communications with plan holders, which closely mirrors the principles developed by the OECD and EIOPA.

The Orderly Resolution of Failing Banks: EU Policymakers Strike Compromise

CFA Institute recently supported a CFA Society of Belgium event on the “Banking Union: Will It Prevent the Next Financial Crisis,” which happened to fall on the eve of the deal struck by the European Parliament, European Council, and European Commission, after more than 17 hours of negotiations.

Debt and Equity Crowdfunding: CFA Institute Offers Regulatory Blueprint for Europe

CFA Institute analyzes regulatory structures in key global jurisdictions, and outlines six points necessary for comprehensive regulatory framework.

Senate Sends Housing Finance a Lifeline: How Will It Affect Investors?

For investors, the agreement retains many of the flaws that CFA Institute has raised in meetings with staff on Capitol Hill.

A European Market for Personal Pensions: An Opportunity for Industry and Investors

The EIOPA recently published a preliminary report on the creation of a single market for personal pensions. This post considers the opportunities and challenges in creating a single market for personal pensions.

UCITS V Remuneration Restrictions for Fund Managers: Do They Serve Investors?

Designed to align the interests of managers with investors, will the pay restrictions serve their intended purpose?

Global Pension Crisis: Looking to Global Pension Plan Designs for Possible Solutions

Acknowledging the problems of the global pension crisis and fixing them are two entirely different propositions, and definitive solutions still are elusive. But JP Morgan Asset Management’s Paul Sweeting, CFA, contributes to a better understanding of the issues and potential solutions with his recent paper.

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