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European regulatory reform

David Pitt-Watson Talks About New Report on Corporate Governance in the EU

A new CFA Institute report reviews the current EU corporate governance policy landscape and the reforms that have been introduced over the past 10 years and offers recommendations for improvement.

Striking Right Balance of Disclosure: European Prospectus Regime Revision Continues

The new regulation, once agreed on, will aim at harmonizing the rules across Europe and will be directly applicable in all 28 EU Member States.

What New Cybersecurity Rules in Europe Mean for Financial Bodies

Cybersecurity is now a concern for everyone working in finance, from investment managers to regulators, not just CIOs. In the EU, cybersecurity is gaining more and more attention from policymakers.

What Does Revision of the Prospectus Directive Mean for Investors?

The uneven application of the prospectus regime across Member States has posed several challenges not only to issuers, but also to investors and national regulators alike.

Raising Bar on Finance Culture and Conduct: IOSCO Meeting and FEMR Offer Blueprint

It is time to accelerate cultural change to serve the interests of investors and society.

EU Prospectus Directive Reform to Ease Investor Access to SME Information

CFA Institute supports making information on European SMEs more accessible to cross-border investors.

Resource Constraints Test Financial Policy Makers Coping with “Regulatory Tsunami”

Global regulators are grappling with a problem of unexpected size — not the number of technical standards they need to transcribe but something more palpable: the lack of manpower.

Ex-lawmaker Bowles: EU Priorities, Lessons Learned from Financial Crisis (Video)

“Jobs and growth” are the European Parliament’s focus now, says Sharon Bowles, nonexecutive director of the London Stock Exchange and former chairwoman of the EP’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, in this edition of Policy Perspectives.

EU Policy Update: How the New EU Parliament Is Taking Shape (Podcast)

Analysis on the next European Commission president, the makeup of parlimentary committees, and how these developments will affect the implementation of MiFID.

EU Policy Update: Gauging Impact of European Parliament Elections (Podcast)

Josina Kamerling, head of regulatory outreach at CFA Institute for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, covers the May European Parliament election results, including commentary on the related protest movement (in response to the recent financial, social, and economic crisis) and resulting rise of Euroscepticism.

European Financial Reform Post-Crisis: Weighing the Costs

The banking union aims to facilitate a more integrated banking sector within the EU and to mitigate the potential for systemic risks from banks acting across borders yet supervised (until now) at a national level.

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