Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

US Regulatory Reform

SIFMA Best Interests Standard for Broker-Dealers: Right Words, Wrong Substance

SIFMA proposal clings to antiquated idea that product sales is reasonable substitute for quality investment advice.

What Republican Congress Likely Means for Capital Markets Policy

In light of Tuesday's midterm election results, we’ve made some predictions on what to expect in the Congress ahead.

DC Policy Update: What to Expect after the Midterm Elections (Podcast)

Jim Allen, CFA, hones in on three financial policy issues and their likely future in Congress post-mid-term elections.

Volcker Rule: Gauging Its Impact on Global Debt, Currency, Derivatives Markets

Have investors noticed any changes in liquidity as a result of the Volcker Rule?

Dodd-Frank at a Crossroad: What’s Next for Bank Regulation? (Video)

Four years after Dodd-Frank, what's on the bank-regulatory horizon for shadow banking, resolution planning, securities regulations, and consumer protection rules?

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