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The GIPS Standards Expand into Major Markets

The broad reach of the GIPS standards grows significantly with the addition of Country Sponsors in Saudi Arabia and China.

Out of Top 100 Asset Management Firms Globally, 85 Claim GIPS Compliance

For the 2016 reporting period, 1,608 firms globally claim compliance with the GIPS standards and 86% of those firms went through third-party verification of their compliance.

The Long-Awaited Pooled Fund Guidance Statement Nearing Release

In a step toward being relevant for all investment vehicles and in response to requests from the industry, new guidance on applying the GIPS® standards to pooled funds will be available soon.

The Four Toughest Questions Facing the Evolution of the GIPS Standards

The ever changing investment management industry means the GIPS standards also have to evolve to remain relevant and continue to provide maximum value.

74% of Top 100 Global Asset Management Firms Claim GIPS Compliance

Those firms represent 60% (more than $46 trillion) of the world’s assets under management ($78 trillion).

GIPS and Alternatives: CalPERS Takes Notice, Others Likely to Follow

As alternative investment strategies become mainstream, complying with the GIPS standards will help alternatives managers stand out from the crowd.

Understanding Investor Behavior and Managing Risk (Video)

Dan diBartolomeo discusses behavioral aspects of risk in financial markets, including how individual behavior shapes the way industry deals with risk and common risk measures that are potentially useful but often misunderstood.

Investment Risk and Fees: Annual GIPS Conference Highlights

Experts who share best practices and speak to key issues and major developments in the performance measurement field make this conference essential for any performance or compliance professional.

New Disclosure Guide Is Resource for GIPS-Compliant Firms, and Regulators, Verifiers

Why is this tool needed? What specific industry need does it respond to? How will it be used?

Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Other Asset Owners: How to Apply GIPS Standards

Asset owners now have more effective tools to promote best practice based on the ethical principles of fair representation and full disclosure.